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My back piece.
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

My experience.

Hi my name is shaun blackwell , im 43 years old and im in to tattoos and body art in a big way i just love it the whole process even the pain to a certain extent , i had my first tattoo done when i was 17 years old , i had it on my shoulder now i would just like to warn you about having tattoos at a young age , when i had this tattoo done i was about 13 stone and as ive got older i have put on a lot of weight now what happened was it moved down my body and looked out of place , so i just want to make you aware of this , i have been tattooed by a number of local tattooist some good some not so good , but in september 1997 i found a top award winning tattooist he is the best , he can do anything you ask him to do custom work he just loves it , portraits are just so life like of which i have 5 on my body , his attension to detail is out of this world , now i have never come across any other tattooist that i have had work done by that was able to do this , also when you walk into his shop there are no flashes on the walls where as every other shop ive been in the walls are covered in flashes , no this guy is a true artistic tattooist and also a really nice guy . Now any one who says that getting a tattoo done does'nt hurt is telling you porkies , i have them all over my body including on my feet / toes/ neck /arms / legs /on the inside my lip and a full back piece so i no from experience where it is most painful . i would just like to say that if you are thinking of getting a tattoo done , in my experience i go off recommendations e.g someone who as already had one done at least you can see the standard of the work , if i can be of any assistance to you or you have any questions i will be only to happy to advise you . keep it real.

How to Take Care of New Tattoos? By Uri Binah

It is very necessary to take care of a new tattoo and the first task that you will have to do in this respect is to get hold of a talented tattoo artist. This is because along with good tattooing, he will give you a suggestion regarding the kind of tattoo that you should put on your body.

At the parlor of the tattoo artists, you will get varieties of designs for tattoos from which you can choose but in case you don't find a good one to suit your needs, you can ask the artist to create a customized tattoo.

Before the application of the tattoo, a professional designer will clean and put antiseptic ointment so that your tattoo suits in your skin. At the same time, your tattoo artist should be wearing disposable gloves. Along with that sterilization of the equipment is also very necessary. Unsanitary conditions can lead to several serious diseases like AIDS, hepatitis or even HIV.

After completion of the tattoo, the artist will wipe it down, give another cleaning, apply ointment and put soft tissue over the tattoo to ensure protection. After the process is over, the artist will himself tell you how to take care of your tattoo. Experienced tattoo artist may give you even a leaflet containing all the instructions. If you have any queries, you should ask your artist before you get the tattoo. Listen to the advice suggested by your artist because opinions vary from one artist to another.

In order to prevent the tattoo from getting infected, the best idea is to keep the hands clean, always. Keep the tattoo dry and so avoid a shower at least for the first few days. At the same time, cleaning the tattoo at regular intervals is also necessary. Try to stay away from sun till your tattoo gets healed. Even if you are going out in the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen in the tattoo and then go out.

You can purchase some A&D ointment from the local drugstore. In order to keep your tattoo free of infection, you have to apply this ointment for few days. Stay away from soap and do not rub your tattoo too hard as it might get damaged. After 5-6 days, you can switch off from the ointment to an unscented body lotion as scents can easily irritate the skin.

At times, it may also happen that the tattoo heals and scabs form in some areas. They can also become itchy. Do not do anything with the scab and do not try to pick out the tattoo scabs. You can apply the ointment. This will automatically move away the scabs.

Tattoos are basically permanent and can be removed only by means of a surgical procedure. There are people who do not give sufficient attention to their tattoos resulting in infection and harm. It is always better to take precaution from before the tattoo is put on.

Tattoo is a thing of great fun. Take care of your tattoos and have fun.

Now all you need to do is to find a tattoo to take care for him, try

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Tattoos as Part of Our Daily Lives

Tattoos have become a part of our every day lives. We see all kind of people with different styles, patterns, designs, and sizes. Tattoos extend throughout history, going back to the cradle of civilization. Tattoos can be used for many things such as remembering a special event, dealing with loss, sadness, or depression among other things. For an artist it can be a way to develop your artistic abilities and help other people deal with some emotional problem, or to help them feel better about their bodies. Tattoos can serve as comfort to many people.
Tattoos have been seen all throughout history on all different kinds of people of different religions, races, ethnicities, among others. Tattoos can have endless meanings. The Egyptians used to tattoo themselves for decorative purposes. Ancient Indian tribes such as Mayans also used tattoos for religious purposes and to segregate themselves from other tribes. In other societies, tattoos were used to mark criminals to be able to recognize them easily. Also, tattoos have been used to show membership, commitment, and fidelity to a certain group, for example Nazis, gang members, or communist party members. Everyone is different, and each person has a unique taste and style. That is why we have seen so much diversity in tattoos throughout our world’s history.
Now a day, people tattoo themselves for many reasons. Some of those reasons can be simply to adorn their bodies, to have a memory of a special event, to express their emotions, or to deal with the loss of someone dear. Tattoos can help to improve the way the feel about their body, to cover up scars and stretch marks, or to divert the attention from something other unwanted on the body. There are people who get a tattoo of something or someone they truly admire; a role model or someone or something that has changed their lives.
People can be very stereotypical regarding tattoos. Tattoos are sometimes frowned upon in society. People think that only “bad” people get tattoos, but the truth is that the people that you least expect may have tattoos. People can get tattoos because of religious beliefs, deep personal reasons, because they simply like the way they look, because they want to fit into a certain crowd, they are trying to rebel against society, some people feel it’s a right of passage for them, and some just like the way it feels.
So you see people can have many different reasons for getting tattooed. We need to not judge people immediately or classify them as troublemakers and a menace to society. Just because a person makes the decision to have a tattoo on their body does not make them a bad person. That is just their personal way to express their feelings. People have many reasons for making that choice of making their body a work of art. We simply need to respect it and understand that the person is just showing who they really are.
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